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Door Hardware

Architect, builder or designer – you find the door hardware solution for your residential or commercial project in the dormakaba product cluster.

We can help you with the following services:

Whether for private homes or contemporary office buildings, door closer systems from dormakaba are intelligent, integrated access solutions that combine consistency, convenience, design and premium quality. The wide-ranging product portfolio satisfies a broad spectrum of functional requirements and thus offers solutions for almost any individual door situation - Surface mounted door closers, concealed door closers and floor springs.
Self-locking emergency escape locks automatically lock doors after each closing whether mechanically or motor-controlled. And they can be networked. Safety in both directions: convenient and secure. Meanwhile, the emergency escape function allows the door to be opened at any time in the exit direction by simply operating the lever handle. Mechanical opening from the outside remains possible at any time by unlocking the profile cylinder insert. That is why our door closers, certified in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125, are particularly suitable as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use in fire doors and smoke doors.
Doors in emergency and escape routes present an enormous safety challenge because they have to meet conflicting requirements: protecting human lives on the one hand, securing property on the other. Building regulations for escape routes require that the door can be easily opened from the inside without external aids. At the same time, insurers, police and facility operators demand the safest possible lock to prevent misuse and break-in. Our escape route safety systems monitor,control and release the door in the event of danger.
Our electronically controlled strikes ensure safe, convenient access control. They unlock doors based on the situation at hand.

Whether for standard doors, safety doors with high security requirements or smoke doors/fire doors. Universal technology for upgrades.

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