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Safe Locks

Safe locks are designed to protect money, valuables, important documents, and sensitive goods from unauthorized access. dormakaba offers an unmatched portfolio of safe locks. Honest’s portfolio covers almost all government, banking, business, transit, and personal securing applications with high-security locks, electronic locks, and mechanical locks. Honest can look back on a history of security solutions and is proud to be built on safe lock brands such as Kaba, Mas Hamilton, and La Gard. The quality and reliability of Honest products will keep your property secure in all ways…always.

We can help you with the following services:

he Paxos safe lock series sets a new standard for reliability due to the consistent redundancy of the system components. It has been statistically calculated that the Paxos electronic lock system will operate for up to 15 million hours before a total failure. The locks can self-diagnose and report errors to the user via the LCD screen. With its modular design the lock system can be retrofitted with ease and updated for connection to multiple lock and input units. Paxos locks are designed in accordance with the latest technology and meet all known safety standards.
The Cencon ATM Cash Vault Security System is designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys. Cencon offers total access control and accountability with its “One Time Combination” feature. The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation.
Unique software allows you to control and monitor tens, hundreds, even thousands of locks located anywhere in the world - from one central location. Cencon is a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to today's most serious security challenges.
Axessor safe locks are developed for increased security, ease of use, flexibility, and traceability. The Axessor series integrates the latest technical advances and meets all recognized safety standards. The modular electronic safe lock can be networked or used as a single stand-alone unit. Axessor locks maintain up to 40 user codes and can be efficiently managed remotely. With the remote access function, administrators can discretely perform audits or check the lock status. The main application fields for this lock series are the financial, retail, and food service industries.
Auditcon locks are the new standard in safe lock security and audit capability. The Auditcon lock series features PowerStar’s award winning technology. Auditcon's security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capability. The Auditcon family of electronic locks was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of financial, retail, commercial and industrial markets.

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