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Lodging Systems

More than 500-million hotel guest experiences are improved by lodging products each year. True hospitality combines convenience at the front desk, smooth access to guest rooms, and end-to-end security in the back-of-house. We focuses on all aspects of hotel operations to run more efficiently, increase guest satisfaction and reduce costs. Technology is the common thread in successful hotel guest experiences. Today’s traveler has adopted a mobile mindset and seeks a more personalized experience to satisfy their individual accommodation preferences. We offer a wide range of lodging solutions with recognizable brands such as Ilco and Saflok, providing electronic door locks, perimeter and facility readers and mobile access solutions, all supported by our access management software. Enhance your guest experience and increase operational efficiency with Honest’s complete lodging solutions. As a leading supplier in North America, we provide secure access control solutions throughout your entire hotel and resort property.

We can help you with the following services:

We offers a range of access control systems from the cost-effective, stand-alone Ilco Front Desk Unit to the sophisticated, wireless networked systems, such as Saflok Messenger LENS for superior functionality and monitoring; remotely programming and auditing your entire hotel from centralized terminals. Honest's networked solutions also provide staff with locking-system notifications for low batteries, doors left ajar, and room clean alerts.
Convenient, reliable and secure for both the hotel property and guests, Honest's Mobile Access Solutions are a secure, end-to end mobile credential application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communication technology for Honest mobile enabled RFID hotel locks.
We leads the industry in developing and implementing total-enterprise security for guest room doors, common areas, and physical access in RFID, wireless online systems, smart room and energy management interfaces and now — secure mobile access solutions.
In today’s challenging world, having a building that is safe and secure is essential. As a global leader in developing and manufacturing robust & reliable access control solutions, Honest offers a full range of systems designed for securing high-traffic access areas anywhere around the property.

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